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The ASTRO program is the General Service Administration’s (GSA’s) new multiple-award contract, and is designed to help the DoD develop and maintain manned and unmanned vehicles. The program is administered by GSA’s Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM). The GSA ASTRO program scope covers operations, maintenance, readiness, development, research and development, hardware, and systems integration of manned, unmanned, and optionally manned systems, robotics, and platforms, as well as the services that support those systems, robotics, and platforms within the realm of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). The program consists of ten separate indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts, each supporting a distinct pool of vehicle-related services. The pools are: Data Operations, Mission Operations, Aviation, Ground, Space, Maritime, Development & Systems Integration, Research & Development, Support, and Training.

Up to 45 contracts are awarded in each pool, and were made to the highest technically rated qualifying offerors. The ASTRO contract has a 5-year base period, and GSA has the option of extending an additional 5 years.


4D has been awarded contracts in the Development & Systems Integration pool and the Research & Development pool.

4D’s Development & Systems Integration Capabilities include:

  • a. Development/integration of sensors: The development/integration of devices that discover and react to changes to things such as light, movement, and heat for a manned, unmanned, and/optionally manned platforms and/or robotics. 4D’s expertise specifically lies in development and integration of LiDAR sensors onto manned and unmanned aerial, ground, and maritime or undersea vehicles for a variety of government and warfighter applications.
  • b. Development/integration of artificial intelligence: The development/integration of machines that have some of the qualities that the human mind has, such as the ability to understand language, recognize pictures, solve problems, and learn for a manned, unmanned, and/optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.
  • c. Development/integration of automation: The development/integration of machines that can operate without needing human control for a manned, unmanned, and/optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.
  • d. Development/integration of machine learning: The development/integration of changing the way machines carry out tasks by learning from new data, without a human being needing to give instructions in the form of a program for a manned, unmanned, and/optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.
  • e. Development/integration of biometrics: The development/integration of the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity for a manned, unmanned, and/optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.

4D’s Research & Development Pool capabilities include:

  • a. R&D for Data Science: R&D in the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data.
  • b. R&D in Aeronautical Technology: R&D in the field of aeronautics.
  • c. R&D in Maritime Technology: R&D in the field of ships and other sea vessels.
  • e. R&D in Ground Platform Technology: R&D in the field of ground platforms.

Contact Info

Bradley DeRoos,
Corporate ASTRO Program Manager

Phone: 304.592.8340

DUNS Number: 07-914-0632


Corporate Information

  • CAGE Code: 6ZUT7
  • DUNS: 07-914-0632


  • 541330: Engineering Services
  • 541511: Computer Programming
  • 541611/541618: Management Consulting Services
  • 541690: Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 611710: Educational Support Services
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