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Intelligent Electronic Speed Control (iESC™)

4D Tech worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop an intelligent electronic speed control (iESC™) for UAVs. The rapid growth of the UAV market makes the ability to operate these systems in a safe and reliable manner increasingly important. 4D’s iESC™ significantly reduces the occurrence of loss of control accidents that could result in human injury and property loss (e.g. both the UAV and property impacted on the ground).

The iESC™ integrates advanced system health monitoring sensors and algorithms to identify failures before they occur. Neural networks have the ability “learn” the normal operating parameters for a UAV system; the trained neural net is then used to detect a wide variety of failure modes – including motor bearing failure, structural failure, and propeller damage – to alert an operator to the problem before a vehicle crash occurs.

The technology allows operators to maintain and operate their UAVs with confidence in their technology and keeping safety as the highest priority.


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